BREAKING NEWS: Paranormal Activity 2 to be next IMAX DMR film

A number of newspapers, including the Washington Post are listing “Paranormal Activity 2: The IMAX Experience” as opening October 22.  The title was given to the papers by Cinema Source, a division of West World Media.  Supporting the newspaper listings is the website for Celebration Cinema, which lists the film as opening Oct 22 at its Lansing IMAX theater, but not its Grand Rapids location.  This leads us to believe the film will be a limited release in digital only as the Grand Rapids location still uses an SR film-based projection system.

UPDATE 10/7/10: AMC Theatres is now listing two versions of the film on their website, one in IMAX.

UPDATE 10/8/10: The IMAX version of the film is listed by R/C Theatres as opening October 22 at their IMAX theater in Reading, PA.

UPDATE 10/12/10: The online retail site, with which IMAX entered into a marketing partnership in 2005, is listing “Paranormal Activity 2: An IMAX Experience” on their IMAX page.

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