From IMAX’s Q3 Earnings Call and SEC Filings

  • DMR is being tweaked to provide an even greater differentiation between The IMAX Experience and conventional cinema.  This will be noticeable starting with “Megamind.”
  • External exposure testing of IMAX’s portable theater has been concluded in a field outside of Toronto.  The company expects testing of the theater in urban environments to begin within the next few months.
  • IMAX’s patent infringement case against In-Three remains undismissed pending continuing arbitration between IMAX and 3D conversion patent provider 3DMG over breach of contract.  We have confirmed this with Neil Feldman, CEO of In-Three.
  • IMAX’s new digital camera is in use and in the field, being used on the upcoming documentary “Born to be Wild.”
  • IMAX has no issue with IMAX films being shot in HD digital as long as they meet the company’s high standards.
  • The company is investing R&D into stereoscopic conversion of television programming as they begin to pursue a stake in the home consumer market.
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