A Letter of Thanks to Greg Foster

Dear Greg,

Cinemark has finally opened two XD theaters here in Sacramento, a market where we have a traditional film-based IMAX theater and a smaller cineplex-based digital one.  The Esquire IMAX Theatre is currently showing Legend of the Guardians 3D, Hubble 3D, and Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D.   The Regal El Dorado Hills IMAX, where I had the pleasure of enjoying TRON Night, is currently showing Paranormal Activity 2.  All of these are fantastic movies.  So what does Cinemark decide to open it’s “IMAX buster” theaters with? Jackass 3D!

As more and more exhibitors try to enter what they’re calling the “large format” market in an effort to cash in on IMAX’s success, they keep missing out on one key component.  No matter the success of the film, all of the DMR films (and yes, I’m including the Jonas Brothers and Paranormal Activity) have been quality productions.  I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every single film the studios have issued to IMAX theaters.  The same certainly cannot be said of REAL D. 

So Greg, keep up the good work.  The quality of the films you select is what truely makes the difference!


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