Coming Monday Dec. 13

We’ll answer the following questions:

  • How is IMAX responsible for two waves of premium theaters?
  • What can we learn from changing wording in press releases over the years?
  • Why was there a mouse crawling over my foot at the AMC Empire IMAX and did it have bed bugs?
  • Should we be concerned about the number of giant screen theaters closing or converting to digital?
  • Will we soon be watching IMAX 3D films at home on our IMAX brand televisions?
  • How can a blu-ray disc show the difference between IMAX MPX/digital image size and that of GT/SR theaters?
  • Is Disney responsible for putting REAL D into the mainstream?
  • What is a UDC, how is IMAX’s Brian Bonnick partially responsible for its creation, and why is one in my neighborhood?
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