TRONews: IMAX Theaters Think Big For Midnight Premieres

UNITED KINGDOM: At the National Media Museum in Bradford, legendary IMAX Director Dick Vaughan and his staff have created outfits inspired by the world of TRON.  They’ll be wearing these throughout the night, and guests will be able to wear their own TRON-inspired costumes, take the new TRON: Evolution video game for a spin, and go retro playing the original TRON arcade game.  It is rumored that The Right Honourable Vaughan, Third Earl of Bournemouth, will be roaming the grounds dressed as Sark, villain of the first film.

AUSTRALIA:  From our friends at the Melbourne Museum: “The IMAX bar will be open, funky tunes from the Tron Daft Punk soundtrack playing from around 10pm, Tron 80’s video game trivia from 11pm, Frisbee competitions and lots of prizes to be won! Don’t forget to check out the EXTREME 3D PROJECTION on the IMAX plaza from 9-11pm starting tonight. Have fun and see you on the grid!”

UNITED STATES: The most out-there promotion comes from our out-there friends at the Esquire IMAX Theatre in Sacramento.  Keep in mind these are the guys who call in paranormal investigators anytime the soundtrack’s out of synch.  Which makes sense when you think about it.  After all, the theater is indeed haunted.  But’s that nothing compared to what they have in store tomorrow night.  Organizers plan for 1,500 glow necklaces to be strung together into the world’s longest glow stick, stretching five city blocks from the Downtown Ice Rink to the IMAX.  If they succeed, they’ll make it into the Guinness Book of World Records! 

PHOTO CREDITS: 1. Bruce Rollinson, Yorkshire Post, 2. Melbourne Museum, 3. Atherton PR, original TRON Legacy artwork (C) Disney

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