The Regal Dimension

One of the issues that’s been bothering me is the inability of Regal’s theater management to give screen size, other than to say “floor to ceiling, wall to wall” (sans the space left open on the side for emergency exit, of course).

So far, I’ve seen four IMAX films in two Regal retrofit theaters.  Three of these were at their El Dorado Hills location, where I estimated the screen at TRON Night to be about 35 x 50.  I also viewed Paranormal Activity 2 and TRON Legacy in that auditorium.  The other Regal IMAX is City Centre in Stockton, where I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1 and estimated the screen to be equivalent to El Dorado Hills.

Thank goodness for cute college journalists.  Amanda Drummond, a San Joaquin Delta College journalism graduate got the Stockton screen size directly from Richard Binney, City Centre’s general manager.  In 2008, she placed those dimensions right in the middle of her piece in the college’s newspaper, The Collegian.  The Stockton screen is 35 x 55.  For comparison, the largest screen in the area is at the Esquire IMAX Theatre, a GT auditorium in Downtown Sacramento, measuring 59 x 75.

Since we’re talking about big screens, rumor has been floating around that the new World Class IMAX Theatre in Witchita is the world’s biggest.  The Witchita Business Journal was listing the screen at 60 x 84, while the Witchita Eagle had it listed at 60 x 100.  Today, Dan Gray of Warren Theatres emailed me with the correct dimensions of the screen: 58 x 86.  Warren’s screen is just a few feet larger than Megaplex’s Spring Mobile IMAX Theater in Sandy, Utah, which converted to digital projection in May, 2010.  So Warren can proudly hold the mantle for largest digital IMAX theater, and our friends in Sydney can sleep tight, knowing that at 96.5 x 117, they’re still the world’s largest screen.  As for me, I’m counting down the hours to see The Green Hornet on that small 35 x 50 screen in El Dorado Hills.  But I’m not worried about the size.  As the screen tells me before each show: “think big.”

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