nWave, Giant Screen Films, and K2 providing content for new Comcast channel

Xfinity 3D, a new 24/7 dedicated 3D channel on Comcast’s cable network goes live this Sunday, following 3NET and ESPN 3D’s premieres a week prior.

Reports coming into The Blog are that the following giant screen films are scheduled to air on Xfinity 3D, in addition to 3D sporting events, concerts, and cultural programming:

  • Adventures in Animation
  • Encounters in the 3D Dimension
  • Misadventures in 3D
  • Haunted Castle,
  • Alien Adventure
  • African Adventure
  • Wild Safari
  • Wild Ocean
  • 3D Sun
  • Seigfried and Roy: The Magic Box
  • SOS Planet
  • Ultimate G’s
  • Dinosuars Alive
  • Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia
  • Mummies: Secrets of the Pharoahs
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