10 Fun Facts From Film Expo

  1. MacGillivray Freeman Films’ next two productions, “To The Arctic” and “Everest: Conquering Thin Air” will be released in partnership with Imax Corporation and Warner Brothers Pictures.  MFF is planning to leverage the strengths of the larger corporations into a much greater marketing campaign and larger number of theaters.
  2. Director Greg MacGillivray is planning to attach a SpaceCam unit to a helicopter and, in a first, fly to the summit of Everest.
  3. “One World Ocean” will be the largest project in MacGillivray Freeman’s history, stretching over five years and more than fifty global locations, with a giant screen film, feature film, television series and extensive web and social media presence.
  4. At least three dome theaters were confirmed as having plans to switch their IMAX projectors to third-party full-dome digital systems within the next couple of years.
  5. According to Richard James, stop-motion photography in “Pangaea 3D: Dinosaur Expedition” was accomplished with a native 12K camera.
  6. Without knowing the backstory, “Magic Journey to Africa 3D” is one of the worst IMAX films ever made.  Knowing the backstory, it is one of the most remarkable.
  7. Sleeper hit of the Film Expo: Joy Park’s “My Dream 3D.”  Chinese dancers, all deaf, in perfect synch, in 3D.  A beautiful and tantalizing peek at what happens when art meets 3D.
  8. Just a few days before the world premiere, delegates were treated to the industry premiere of “Tornado Alley.”  Bill Paxton’s presence was overshadowed by director Sean Casey’s graphic analogy of making the film to giving birth.  In the end, his baby proved to be the IMAX film we’ve been waiting a decade for.
  9. Amazing IMAX footage abounded in the films in production category: from the start of the Monarch migration in Mexico (“Flight of the Butterflies 3D”) to Easter pilgrimage in Jerusalem (“Jerusalem 3D,” also seen in Chattanooga) to scenes of devastation in Haiti just days after the earthquake (“Rescue 3D”), to the first 10 minutes of “Born To Be Wild 3D” and the first full rough cut of “To the Arctic 3D,”  the upcoming slate of giant screen documentaries promises to be some of the best in the industry’s history.
  10. What do you do when you have a lot of money to spend? Create an exclusive IMAX 3D trailer for the Film Expo with Christopher Lloyd, Deep Roy, and yourselves speaking onscreen to the delegates.  Congratulations and thank you to the Mantello brothers and 3D Entertainment for that unexpected and enjoyable treat of a preview for “Time: The 4th Dimension.”
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