kinoTECH 04: Get Over It, Peoria!


The backers of the Riverfront Museum deceived you.  The County Board lied to you.  They promised you IMAX and now your getting…something…something…global…something…..immersion….something?

Never mind that at the time you were promised an IMAX it was to be the first and only IMAX in your market.

Never mind that after years and years of bickering and setbacks, IMAX couldn’t wait any longer and decided to announce a theater in the RAVE Prairie 18 last year (which is opening this month).

Never mind that the only things you’ll really be missing out on are the IMAX brand and the ability to show Hubble 3D, which stars Pekin native Scott Altman (though with creative licensing, they might be able to play it off a blu-ray).

Never mind that the giant screen theater will not be restricted solely to IMAX-approved films, such as Sucker Punch and the owl movie, but will be able to program almost ANYTHING.

Never mind that tons of alternative content will be available, including tractor pull competitions with Caterpillar machines.  Joy.

Never mind that this isn’t going to be branded a “Global Immersion” theater.  The people of Peoria will be able to name it any which way they want, making it a place of civic pride.

Never mind when Phil Luciano, a columnist for the Peoria Journal Star and a local radio host states: “Saving money is good, but which brand has better marketing capabilities?”  After all, he’s never marketed a theater.

Never mind when Paul Moore of Peoria wrote to the local paper stating:

“The March 25 edition of the Wall Street Journal contained an article announcing that the IMAX Corporation plans to open 75 new screens in China. These 75 will be in addition to 35 screens already in operation and 55 screens in development. With this announcement, IMAX plans to increase its near-term goal to 300 screens in operation in China.

“There was no mention of a long, drawn-out study to determine if IMAX really represents state-of-the-art technology. I wonder what the Chinese know that we seem not to?”

The Chinese know they have 1.3 billion people.  If they reach these 300 IMAX screens that are expected within the next few years, that’s only one IMAX theater per 4.3 million people.  Big difference when you compare that to the 372,000 people in the Peoria MSA.  And you already have an IMAX. 

Yep, Peoria.  You got screwed.

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