MacGillivray Freeman and the theme park quotient

UPDATE 4/29: The name of MacGillivray Freeman’s “One World Ocean” campaign has been changed to “One World One Ocean.”

This weekend, Sea World parks opened their new show “One Ocean,” which sounds suspiciously like MacGillivray’s new project “One World Ocean.”  Here are some other MacGillivray Freeman films that have similar titles and themes to theme park attractions:

  • Adventures in Wild California – Disney’s California Adventure theme park
  • Arabia – Arabian Coast, Tokyo DisneySea
  • Coral Reef Adventure – Coral Reef Restaurant, EPCOT
  • Everest – Expedition Everest, Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Grand Canyon Adventure – Grand Canyon Rapids, MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park
  • Hurricane on the Bayou – Blue Bayou Restaurant, Disneyland
  • Journey Into Amazing Caves – Journey Into the Underworld Cave, Vietnam
  • Mystery of the Nile – Fury of the Nile, Worlds of Fun
  • Speed; Top Speed – Speed the Ride, Sahara Las Vegas
  • Stormchasers – Stormrider, Tokyo DisneySea
  • The Discoverers – Discovery Cove theme park; Port Discovery, Tokyo DisneySea; Discoveryland, Disneyland Paris
  • The Living Sea – The Living Seas, EPCOT
  • To Fly! – Fly, Canada’s Wonderland
  • To the Arctic – Wild Arctic, Sea World parks

Let the Blog know if you can think of any more.

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