EXCLUSIVE: First Look At The IMAX Portable Prototype

In just a moment, you’ll see one of the first photos taken of what’s believed to be the prototype for IMAX’s portable theatre.  The photo was taken in early September, 2010 by area resident Colin Carmichael.  It is posted here with permission of the photographer.  (In a case of fact being more interesting than fiction, Mr. Carmichael currently lives in the home owned by Robert Kerr at the time that he, Graeme Ferguson, Bill Shaw, and Roman Kroitor were forming what would become IMAX Corporation).

Shortly before this photo was taken, the structure suddenly appeared in a field near the town of Milton, Ontario, some 30 minutes from IMAX’s corporate headquarters in Mississauga.  A few days later, Milton Ward 7 Councillor Rick Di Lorenzo contacted IMAX to inquire about the structure.  According to Di Lorenzo on HawthorneVillager.com, “They asked what media publication I was from. I said I’m not from one I just live in the area. They said they cannot publicly comment on that building at this time but in the future there will be some public information.

“I asked a little more about it saying I lived in the area and I just wanted to know what’s going on. They said then it’s not a permanent structure but that sorry they couldn’t say anything more.”

Where the components are made remain a mystery.  What is known is that if the current pattern holds, most of them will be from the Greater Toronto Area or close proximity.  In the current IMAX Digital configuration, the Christie projectors are manufactured in Kitchener, Ontario, approximately one hour from Mississauga.

IMAX Digital screens are manufactured in Joliette, Quebec, some seven hours away, by Strong-MDI Screen Systems.

As for the structure itself, there are around five manufacturers who could have constructed such an edifice.  However, in keeping with the pattern of vendors being close to the GTA, the two most potential manufacturers are Yeadon Fabric Structures and The Farley Group, both located in Guelph, Ontario, an hour from Mississauga.

So what does an IMAX Portable Theatre prototype look like?

Photo courtesy Colin Carmichael.  Used with permission.

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