UPDATE 11:52 Pacific: GSCA has confirmed that staff of Media Merge, Chelsea, AL, made it through the storm without injury.  Jeff Smith, formerly of the McWane Center and now in the Huntsville area is also alright, although a tree fell short of hitting his home.

In the aftermath of yesterday’s severe storm, I’m in the process of trying to contact colleagues from the museum, giant screen, and cinema industries who were in the middle of the devastation zone.  Through the GSCA, I’ve received confirmation that the staff of the McWane Center in Birmingham made it through the storm, although a tornado did pass the building.  Here are some things that you can do to help and to get a better understanding about tornadoes.

  • Donate to the American Red Cross for disaster relief.  You can donate both money and supplies for those effected by the storm –
  • Make sure to do your research before donating to other organizations.  As discovered during the Japanese quake and tsunami and other disasters, fraudulent charitable organizations tend to suddenly appear in times of need.
  • Visit your local giant screen theater and see the new documentary “Tornado Alley.”  Ask if your theater will be giving a portion of their receipts to disaster relief. –
  • Visit the National Severe Storm Laboratory’s website to learn how tornadoes work and what to do if you encounter one –
  • A number of science centers have interactive displays explaining tornadoes.  Find your local science center through the ASTC –
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