EXCLUSIVE: IMAX Portable Up Close

The Kinotech Blog is proud to present this exclusive first look at new close proximity photos of IMAX’s portable theatre in Milton, Ontario.  The photographs were taken this weekend by Colin Carmichael from a location near the Toronto Auto Auctions.

The inflatable structure is designed to showcase IMAX films in parts of the world, such as rural China, where the infrastructure does not exist to build a permanent IMAX theatre.  In business concept, it’s similar to that of Itinerama, which traveled Europe half a century ago.  The IMAX portable will also be available for live presentations and the structure can be branded by a sponsor, making it ideal for large events such as the FIFA World Cup.

During IMAX’s Q1 Earnings Call on April 28, Marla Backer of Hudson Square Research inquired about the portable theatre.  IMAX CEO Rich Gelfond responded:

We’re still testing it technically, Marla, and it’s been up in Toronto where we wanted to expose it to wind, but in fact we had a special treat this winter that we had hail and snow besides wind, so we’ve been testing it and I think when we make more of them, we’re going to make some design changes. So I think it’s going to be a while until it’s deployed in any kind of meaningful way. We want to test out the business model. I think we always said from the beginning that we are going to see how it goes. I don’t want you to get the feeling I am any less optimistic or more pessimistic about it; I’m not. It’s just we are going to do it in a methodical business-like way and given the growth in the rest of our business we have the luxury to do that, and I think we will see what happens over the next year or so.

If you happen to be in the Toronto area and want to see the IMAX portable theatre for yourself, here are the directions:

  • Take 401 to James Snow Parkway
  • Go north on James Snow Parkway to Steeles Ave
  • Turn left on Steeles Ave to Lawson Rd
  • Turn right onto Lawson Rd and follow one mile north.
  • Cross Esquesing Line
  • Cross the next intersection, which will be Hunter Dr on the left and the entrance to the Toronto Auto Auctions on the right.
  • The next driveway on the right will be to Lot B for the Auto Auctions.
  • Directly across from the Lot B entrance, on your left, will be the Lot C entrance.
  • The IMAX portable theatere is located in the far southwest corner of Lot C.

So as to best fit the entire area into the Google Earth image, North is located toward the bottom of the picture:

For further information on the IMAX portable theatre and all things IMAX and giant screen, subscribe to the LF Examiner at www.lfexaminer.com

The following photos are by Colin Carmichael and are used with permission.

(C) 2011 Joseph L. Kleiman

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