OCT 2011 UPDATE 3: Metered, Is Nolan Batting .07?

Here’s the 411:

For the past week, rumors have been circulating around the interweb that the first six minutes, or “prologue,” of The Dark Knight Rises will be appearing before IMAX screenings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  Makes sense.  Kind of.  After all, the six minute prologue of The Dark Knight appeared before I Am Legend in IMAX theaters.

But there are two problems here.  The first is that unlike the past instance, the two films currently in discussion come from different studios.  However, this should only be a minor issue.  Based on the signifcant attendance jump that Legend saw just from fanboys wanting to see the Dark Knight trailer, certainly MI4‘s producers are hoping for the same (not to mention their own Dubai footage shot in 15/65).

However, the second problem results in one of those strange WTH? quandries.  On Monday, the following post appeared on the blog of exhibitor AMC Theatres’ website:

AMC Theatres can confirm that this footage will be shown in front of Ghost Protocol on December 16th. (Ghost Protocol will release in IMAX five days before its general release on the 21st of December.)


The six minute Dark Knight Rises prologue footage will only be shown on the higher resolution 70mm IMAX screens. Not the digital IMAX screens. Locations haven’t been confirmed yet, so stay tuned for an update on AMC Theatre locations that will be showing the prologue Dark Knight Rises footage at a 70mm IMAX screen nearest you.

Now it’s been a few months since I’ve been to Lincoln Square, METREON, or Universal Hollywood, but at my last count AMC was only operating three 15/70 theaters.

So WTH? A couple of folks are spreading rumors around the interweb that a number of the digital IMAX theaters will replace their projectors with MPX systems for this screening.  Which makes absolutely no sense since both The Dark Knight in its second run and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen played successfully in digital IMAX although having scenes filmed in 15/65.  Besides, why would IMAX want to stoke the fires already well established by pseudo-pundits such as Aziz Ansari and reputable institutions like The Henry Ford that the current slate of digiminIMAX theaters is inferior to 15/70 film?

The mystery remains.  Within 24 hours of breaking the news, AMC retracted its post, replacing it with a line to visit WB’s website for information on The Dark Knight Returns.

That’s all for now. See you in a week unless something big happens – like Christopher Nolan suddenly announcing that Aziz Ansari will be appearing in The Dark Knight Returns as Robin.


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