BREAKING NEWS: Get Up Close and Intimate With An IMAX Star

Well, star of numerous IMAX documentaries and the first DMR film.

Here’s what The Blog’s been sent by the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Center:

Kennedy Space Center Up-Close Tour – Available for a Limited Time with Limited Space!

For the first time since 1978, guests visiting the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex who purchase the Kennedy Space Center Up-Close tour will have the rare opportunity to disembark their tour buses and tour inside the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). Guests will see firsthand where monstrous vehicles were assembled for launch; as well as where the future is unfolding for our continued missions into space.

When inside the VAB, guests will be able to walk along the edge of the Transfer Aisle, used to move elements of rockets among the building’s four High Bays. Tour communicators and colorful signage will depict work that has gone on behind the 456-foot-tall high bay doors, such as work of the VAB’s two 325-ton bridge cranes used to lift the shuttle orbiters and mate them to their external tank and solid rocket boosters with pinpoint accuracy. Signage also shows prospective operations that will take place within the VAB for NASA’s newest space exploration program, Space Launch System, or SLS.

Making this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity even more special, for a very limited time, guests on the KSC Up-Close tour may see a space shuttle orbiter inside the VAB as they are being prepared for display in their homes in Los Angeles, CA, Washington, DC and Florida. Other sites on the KSC Up-Close tour include the NASA Causeway, A/B Camera Stop and the Apollo Saturn V Center.

Please note: This tour will be offered daily beginning November 1 for a limited time to a limited number of Visitor Complex guests. The tour is $25 for adults and $19 for chldren ages 3-11, in addition to admission.

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