MEDIA WATCH: Paul Franklin Bats in the Dark, Making My Mission Near Impossible

Remember when AMC’s blog posted that the six minute IMAX prologue to Dark Knight Rises would be shown only  in 1570 film based theaters before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, only to have the post removed the next day?  Well now it’s happening all over again.

Over the weekend, Paul Franklin, the film’s visual effects supervisor tweeted:

The Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue will be released on Dec 21 with M:I4, but *only* in theatres with a proper film projector – no digital!  So make sure it’s a proper 70mm projection otherwise you’ll be disappointed!

Now here’s the problem.  When I noticed that the international media had picked up on this tweet and was running wild with it (especially the fanboys in the blogosphere), I went back and took another look at Mr. Franklin’s twitter account to see if there were any additions, comments, or responses.  There sure are!  Lots of information has been added about individual theaters and even links to the theater listings on the LF Examiner’s website.  BUT THE ORIGINAL TWEET HAS NOW BEEN DELETED!!!

I mean, WTH?!?!?

Twice now?!?!?

I mean, this doesn’t bother me, as I’ll be seeing the film on film at one of the finest IMAX theaters in the world, the award-winning Esquire IMAX Theatre in Sacramento.  But for my good friends in Raleigh (you know who you are), pack the suitcase, because if this is true you’ve got one hell of an overnight roadtrip ahead if you want to see the prologue.

I can only think of one possible solution to this issue.  If it bothers you that there’s no longer an IMAX 1570 film-based theater in your community, please contact the Hollywood studios and documentary distributors that provide IMAX films in your market and encourage them to STOP shooting films with IMAX cameras.  Contact information is available on the LF Examiner’s website.

Together, we can put an end to this greatest of issues affecting the IMAX community.

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