Ancient Chinese Secret

Bear with me on this.  What follows is a piece that ran yesterday in the Beijing Evening News.  I’ve run the piece through Google Translate and it can be a bit rough to digest.  So if you have issues with the translation, send your gripes to Mountain View.  This piece is titled “Domestic giant-screen IMAX film DMAX born fares cheaper than 40 dollars.”  I call it “On Tuesday, the Chinese government introduced a less expensive IMAX clone developed in-house.”

The birth of giant-screen films made ​​DMAX

DMAX 40 dollars cheaper than the IMAX Tickets

(Reporter Chen Bin) by the China Film Science and Technology Research Institute and the China Film Corporation, with independent intellectual property rights of domestic “Chinese giant screen” (DMAX) cinema system yesterday formally Shuangjing in UME International Cineplex store into use, the system uses 20 meters to 12 meters 2D and 3D large screen video projection. Yesterday, the reporter in Shuangjing UME International Cineplex DMAX by China to watch the 3D IMAX version of “Dragon Flying A” fragment and the 2D version of “Jinling 13 hairpin” clip, wear special glasses, feel a little better than domestic IMAX DMAX giant ocean screen IMXA poor, “DMAX” optical light, bright screen, good color, do not jump do not flash, the effect is more comfortable viewing. Slope in the audience seating area design, but also from the slope with a large, wide row spacing, low point of view of process design, to the audience and the luxury of brilliant viewing experience. By breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, ticket prices are reduced accordingly.

Currently the world’s most famous giant-screen system for Canadians invented the IMAX. Standard IMAX screen is 22 meters 16 meters, but can play on a larger screen, and so far there have been larger IMAX screen appears.

After “Avatar,” “Transformers 3” and several films fueled, IMAX in China has been rapid development, currently has 37 screens located around the commercial theater cinema and science classes. While everyone knows that IMAX is a good thing, but the high cost of making some small-scale for the introduction of IMAX theater prohibitive. The earliest introduction of the Beijing UME Cinema IMAX projection system, the entire cost up to tens of millions. IMAX screenings brings considerable benefits, on the one hand the audience sought, on the one hand is the high cost prohibitive to most theaters. And IMAX, the Chinese giant-screen machines are dual-use high-brightness projection, the brightness of its screen brightness by nearly 20% higher than IMAX, even three-dimensional video and pictures showing the overall tone is dim or night performance, the audience can still enjoy the rich layers, details of the alleged assaults, full color images. This new giant screen showing the number of audience to bring the best visual experience.

The system Furuo Qing, deputy general manager of China Film Group, said the moment the giant screen cinema digital projection equipment is still the monopoly of foreign manufacturers, the fare is the highest of all the screens. “China’s giant-screen system” to establish the project’s success, no doubt it will completely break the monopoly of foreign technology and domestic brands, “big screen” to the market situation. As the domestic giant-screen viewing is not only to ensure quality, low cost, and no foreign monopoly of the giant screen technology, brand royalties, also abolished the giant screen with foreign brands high into the box office, a lot of natural decline in fares. In UME Huaxing Studios, IMAX film hall cost more than 10 million, while domestic giant screen, the same time the screening, the general 3D film fare 80 yuan, DMAX, ticket prices of 90 yuan, while the IMAX fare is as high as $ 140. In other words, DMAX 40 dollars cheaper than the IMAX, only 10 dollars more expensive than ordinary 3D. China Film Science and Technology Institute Yangxue Pei said, “China’s big screen” system not to charge exorbitant fees to obtain patents of interest, thereby ensuring the cinema, theater and audience benefits.

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