January 2011 UPDATE 1: My Worst Top 5 List Ever

So here it is, my top five list of giant screen films for 2011.  The problem is: how do you define “giant screen” in this digital day and age when any old film can be projected onto a screen that meets the GSCA standard?  I use the following definition:

1. It must be a documentary that would tradititionally be shown in the 8/70 or 15/70 formats


2. It must be a film modified by IMAX corporation for presentation on its digital projectors.

I’m certain the definition will change over time and may eventually include full-dome digital presentations as well.

So, here’s the list:

5. Sanctum

Once you got over the fact that it wasn’t a big James Cameron Canadian-American production filmed in a giant tank in Tijuana, but rather a $30 million Australian film, and once you got over the first 30 minutes of very bad character development, it was one hell of a beautiful, but claustrophobic experience made even more intense by the 3D.  A very personal film.

4. Flying Monsters

David Attenborough, dinosaurs, and 3D.  Couldn’t ask for more.

3. Contagion

Because Gwyneth Paltrow dies in glorious 12….8……4……2.7….2.5……what’s the resolution on that digital IMAX projector again?

2. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

I have seen this in LegitIMAX 1570, digiminIMAX, and Cinemark XD CopIMAX.  Say what you might about the story, it’s a fun film.  And if you can see it in 1570, the Dubai scenes are amazing.  Kudos to director Brad Bird for making us forget about the Michael Bay curse and putting IMAX cameras to the best use they’ve seen in a Hollywood film since The Dark Knight.  Kudos also for aiming that nuclear warhead at Pixar.  I know what you were thinking.

1. Tornado Alley

It’s not because I got to sit behind Bill Paxton in the screening, nor is it because I watched Twister last night.  My fears of this being a giant screen version of the Stormchasers tv show went away when I realized that this was the culmination of a lifetime of growing up around IMAX documentarians.  I still want to know what happened to the car in the driveway when the tornado hit.

And now for fun….

Here are five films that shouldn’t have been seen on the IMAX screen (also known as “Greg, what were you thinking?”):

  • The Green Hornet
  • I Am Number Four
  • Mars Needs Moms!
  • Sucker Punch
  • Happy Feet Two
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