And now…..a quiz!

Here are the correct answers and poll results:

A. Museums in San Diego and Long Island are adding what feature to their giant screen domes

  1. Exhibition Space 0%
  2. Fulldome Digital Planetarium Systems 65%
  3. 3D Projection 35%
  4. Motion Simulators 0%
  5. Storage Space 0%

Both museums are installing fulldome digital equipment.  The Reuben H Fleet’s dome houses a system from Global Immersion and is opening this weekend.  The Cradle of Aviation’s dome will be opening later this year with their new digital system.  Both theaters own their IMAX film projectors, which will continue to operate in the domes along with the new planetarium equipment.

By 2014, four American IMAX theaters will be in th same complex as what?

  1. McDonalds 18%
  2. A Space Shuttle 82%
  3. The Thinker by Rodin 0%
  4. An Olympic Stadium 0%
  5. The Concorde 0%

The California Science Center, Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center, and Kennedy Space Center are all the recipients of space shuttles.  Kennedy houses two IMAX theaters back to back.

What is the only film shot with IMAX cameras to have received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture?

  1. The Tree of Life 50%
  2. The Dark Knight 30%
  3. Avatar 20%
  4. How the West Was Won 0%
  5. Inception 0%

Nature segments for The Tree of Life were filmed with IMAX cameras with giant screen veteran Greg Eliason producing.  Although the film was not distributed in the IMAX format, the filmmakers hope to integrate the IMAX footage into a giant screen documentary.

Who is providing the projection system for the 5 1/2 hour long 3-screen 1924 classic “Napoleon” in Oakland, CA in March?

  1. Boston Light & Sound 37.5%
  2. IMAX 12.5%
  3. D3D 12.5%
  4. Barco 37.5%
  5. Disney 0%

The three-screen silent movie requires three film projectors interlocked.  Former LFCA President Chris Reyna is serving as technical director for the run.  BL&S has a penchant for three-screen presentations.  They also provided the projection system for Terminator 2: 3D.

The closure or redesign of what attraction in 2012 puts an end to part of IMAX’s legacy?

  1. EPCOT’s Test Track 33.3%
  2. Island of Adventure’s Amazing Adventures of Spider-man 55.56%
  3. Universal Studios Florida’s Jaws: The Ride 11.11%
  4. Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds 0%
  5. Magic Kingdom’s Dumbo the Flying Elephant 0%

The sound system for JAWS was installed by former IMAX subsidiary Sonics Associates.  The final rides through Amity took place on January 2.

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